Founded in 2005 by Robert Bilski, MASKANET is a Helsinki-based creative studio that applies its visual talents in project-tailored retouching, illustration, photography and 3D graphics work.
Our client list includes advertising and design agencies and photographic studios working with international and Finnish brands in print, web and other digital media production.
By building on our roots in classical photography and fusing with 3D computer graphics, we offer our clients a full pallet of creative and inspiring solutions.
This fusion of tradition creativity and digital media experience not only equips us with the technical skills, insight to address visual challenges and understanding of the end-to-end creative process but more importantly provides the base for our craft, artistic expression and personal devotion – all key ingredients that go into each and every of our projects.
Note: All Rights Reserved. No part of this image presentation may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. Some images shown here were created together with other artists and to which different copyrights apply.
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