"We've worked on a visualization for a speedboat concept together with a design company. Apart from creating CG models for the whole boat, we've also created a cabin having just only overall layout for it. We wanted to keep the cabin roomy, so we've added just few elements. We then generated different kinds of textures and applied to the scene. The light simulation was added to make the image complete. The only thing which is not a CG element is...the bag. We thought, what the heck, if it is to be fancy, let's shoot the real thing!"
"Some winter image concepts are being created in other year's seasons. This time was no different. With the summer outside, we had to go deep into a winter scenery. And we wanted to go natural and organic with no CG at all.
Luckily we had our extensive imagebook of snow elements: snow backgrounds, wet and dry ice, frozen bits, snowflakes, different kinds of snow-traces and splashes, frost, hoarfrost etc. It's getting too cold.
We applied and mixed them all together adding some spinning motion, car lights, random dirt and overallmist
to make a naturally looking snow scene."
"This was an extensive CG project. We had to build 3D models upon the existing photograph. We want to take advantage of window's randomness and retain their details.Otherwise the image might look too artificial and fake.
We first worked on the image to get all perspective right and got rid of some clutter from it. We created 3D model parts using the image as a blueprint. Simulated environment, so we could get proper lighting and reflections.
And in the end we got most of that window parts back into the image to create more natural wooden houses.
Don't worry, a woodpecker won't stand a chance. But, better to knock on wood."
"Here, based only on a stock image, we'd have to look for ways to adapt those airbags against the helmet. We thought of system of telescopic arms to have the airbags pop up from inside and out (Well, only in reality). Airbags were studied and created in CG. The helmet itself got a more speedy, aggressive looking features to create greater contrast to safety airbags elements. All was set on a classical table background."
"The final image was created together with some other photo studio. Photographing babies is a complete different type of photography. We've just chosen few images out of many and combined them into required final visual combination. The helmet was shot at a proper angle later and adjusted to the image. The idea was to have a resemblance of a baby in the womb without getting too much realistic. It was more of a symbol and feeling. There were tears and cries at the shooting, but later finally of joy for the final image."
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